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Star Rating - 6/20/2018
Before moving here a few years ago we vacationed here at some of the top rated beaches in the world. In addition to NO SNOW, we now enjoy no state income taxes, wonderful public services, beautiful huge library. From Nov to April thousands for northerners (like us) vacation here, paying plenty in accommodation taxes that support our streets and public utilities. Tampa’s airport rates as one of the best in the US. Gulf breezes gently move air around. If you don’t want the option of a daily walk on the beach....don’t move here. The January low of 51 deg. means a light jacket..but I’ll take that any day over freezing rain, slush and blustery snow storms.
Will | Largo, FL
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- 8/7/2017
This is been my home for 29 years I love the swaying palm trees, the saltwater air seabree...
Scott | Seminole, FL | No Replies

- 8/21/2014
Too Hot for 5-6 months
Very oppressive from May to Oct. Lovely area but hard to enjoy a large part of year. ...
Jr | Largo, FL | No Replies

- 4/10/2013
this place makes me want to vomit. I had the misfortune of working in largo while living c...
Debo | Ogden, UT | 6 Replies

- 9/7/2012
What He Said, And More!
That's what I always say when I'm out and about: "Pass down a cold one!" If you say that t...
Max | Clearwater, FL | No Replies

- 6/22/2012
ok if you like hot beaches and boating
would like to leave...
Jeanne | Largo, FL | No Replies

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