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Review of Denver, Colorado

Not for Conservatives or even Moderates
Star Rating - 5/15/2021
Six counties comprise the Denver-Boulder metro area. About 65% of voters in Denver Metro with suburbs voted for Biden in the 2020 election- thanks Denver. The only county of Denver Metro that voted Trump and is almost 50/50 Republicans and Democrats is Douglas. City and county of Denver is now very liberal- 85% voting for Biden. Boulder has been very liberal for decades now no surprise there.

I am not picking sides, if you are a die-hard Democrat or liberal, Denver is for you. Republicans and Conservatives, no unless you can afford Douglas County. Keep in mind, the cost of housing in the whole Denver metro is high.

Jason | Denver, CO
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It's true! Conservatives please stay in Texas.
Jim | Highlands Ranch, CO | Report Abuse

worry not. denver, however "democratic," is still a hotbed of "otherism"/racism/xenophobia/just plain dumb. those are all traits the fractured republican party values. you simply went too far with propping up a dictator.
Camilo | Denver, CO | Report Abuse

Yes Colorado is a blue state. How sad that you choose a state based on your cult. Trump supporters are not even Republicans, they’re outside the mainstream, anarchists who want undo democracy and the will of the people. I lived in Highlands Ranch in the 90s, it was a great place to raise a family. I love Denver I’d move their in a heartbeat. But people were civil to each other then, whether you were a Republican or a Democrat we all got along. It’s sad we can’t enjoy our beautiful areas of this country, I’ve been privileged enough to travel many places outside of this country. If more people realized how fortunate we are to live in a Democratic Republic, with so much natural beauty, they’d be fighting to preserve that instead of destroying it.
Jane | Scottsdale, AZ | Report Abuse

Lol we historically are a red state. We just tend to be more actual middle ground and didn't jump on the runaway trump train sorry we think as a whole that people who sent science and commit domestic terrorism by commiting treasonous acts aren't American values we hold. Signed a gun owner who is all about women's and LGBTQ rights
Jared | Lakewood, CO | Report Abuse
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