Review of Casar, North Carolina

My small town
Star Rating - 8/29/2008
Where I live, I feel is out in the country. We do not like having lot's of food places such as McD's and such. We feel that home made is the only way, In casar we only have one place you can go and buy some thing to eat thats already made we call it the Lunch Box. We also only have one grorcery store and it's mountain view, one hardware store named Whites, and one gas station name Bracketts. We do have a school for grades Pre-K through 5 th grade, at this time i think we have almost 800 kids going to the school. I love where i live, we are a small town full of family. Every one is your neighbor, and it's a place where everyone knows your name. I have lived here since 1999 and so far we haven't had any crime, to speak of. The town is mainly made up of white familys, because the land was owned by white families. The old people then pass it down to their family members, hardly ever to you see land for sell in Casar. If and when it is being put up for sell other neighbors buy it. To help stop the town from coming as the big citys are in shelby and so forth. We don't feel that we need a walmart or kmart to come in and take from our view of the mountains. Also we like not hearing the nosie of a big city, at night all you hear out here are the foxes, coyotes, dogs, and every once in awhile a bear or two. But I love it and wouldn't live any where else even if i were paid to.
Thanks for reading this, Brandy
brandy | Casar, NC
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