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linving in New england
Star Rating - 10/24/2009
NO, NE is weird, in general.. They have 2 friends and die.. I lived in R.I. and I called it the home of the odd lots...NE needs to be in its own entity, way up there by Greenland, all my themselves....They have no street signs so you know where you are,a nd no stop signs...There is NO other area in the US as strange, as NE.. Better be catholic, and play bingo, if you want to have any friends...

Big on "higher education", but at a loss for any "common sense" in N.E...If you want a blend of common sense, and higher education, go to the cost of living there, also, and people talk to you, also..
Sandra | Canton, OH
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I just moved here and I love it. So peaceful and the shopping is fantastic.
Paula | Salisbury, MA | Report Abuse

It's strange that you lived in Rhode Island and are commenting on New Hampshire. Too bad you actually didn't get to know New Hampshire - it ranks as one of the top five places to live in the US year after year for a number of reasons. Excellent schools, easy access to big city entertainment, the mountains, lakes and ocean for recreation, excellent transportation, very low crime rate, great neighborhoods, friendly people, easy access to the best medical facilities in the country. Having lived all over the US (including your Ohio), I chose to settle here as I found the people to be open, friendly, intelligent, and more than willing to help each other. Since you wrote about Concord without having lived here - you should know the entire city closes its Main Street for a week each summer for a giant party. NASCAR includes us on their circuit with several major races each year. Our theatre attracts the best in live entertainment. Every four years, you can easily meet EVERY political candidate as this is where they all start their journey. The best skiing on the right coast is an hour away, as are whale watches, big city life in Boston, small city in Portland or Burlington - or right here in the capitol. Montreal, Quebec and New York City are all a short drive. The climate here is incredible year-round with all four season included, as is the air quality. The Northeast is a bit more expensive to live in than the rest of the country, but you at least get something back for your price and taxes without having to deal with traffic congestion and crime. I'm truly sad you lived in an area that apparently had a "two friends and die" rule. I can't imagine any place in New England like that, so I have to question: was it the area.....or something else? Enjoy Ohio. Nice to visit.
Jean | Concord, NH | Report Abuse
- 2/28/2016
Cost of living
Very expensive....
Todd | Concord, NH | 1 Reply

- 1/30/2008
Concord is a smaller new England town that has easy access to a wealth of natural resource...
Gilbert | Andover, NH | 1 Reply

- 1/30/2008
Concord is a smaller new England town that has easy access to a wealth of natural resource...
Gilbert | Andover, NH | No Replies

- 5/6/2007
Family town
Concord is a great town to raise a family. Housing prices are more realistice and afforda...
Wendy | Concord, NH | 1 Reply

- 12/17/2006
Are the people friendly here?
I lived in New England for 20 years, moving there from Washington DC. Since then, I've liv...
Trish | Thousand Oaks, CA | 1 Reply

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