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Wood Smoke or Other Air Pollution Problems???
Star Rating - 6/14/2012
Two thirds of the peope in Washington state are 24/7/365 indoor and outdoor wood burners. People have no hobbies, interests, commom sense, intelligence or compassion for death or human suffering. Their only past time and interest in life is lighting wood on fire. Their only reasons for burning wood are greed and vindictive hate for other people.

I am looking for a state where people have a life that is more then sitting around a fire drinking beer and eating a Costco size bag of chips.

Does North Dakota have clean wood smoke free air anywhere in the state?

Here is why we should all strive to live in smoke free locations!

Smoke kills 60,000 U.S. Citizens a year; 3 million world wide. Respiratory illness is largest killer of infants. 4 People die daily in WA from Asthma attacks. Wood smoke is a major trigger. 1 in 10 children have Asthma. Infants who are exposed to wood smoke pollution early in life are 5 times more likely to be diagnosed with Asthma by age 5. Infants 17% increase in SIDS risk with wood smoke exposure. Asthma, COPD, Lung Cancer are increasing. 20-year study found that COPD patients are five times more likely to develop lung cancer. 80% of air pollution is residential indoor/outdoor wood burning; not traffic/industry. Dioxin from smoke most toxic substance on earth. Dioxin is passed from Mothers to infants. Wood smoke triggers heart attacks. 73% of wildfires are human caused not lightening. 53% of lives, acres, structures lost and cost to fight fires are from human caused fires. All wood burning aggravated/caused disease costs all of us billions in medical costs, we pay billions in taxes to fight human caused structure/wildfires and increased home/medical insurance premiums. We all pay for this problem.

1 in 2 deaths in the USA had COPD as a cause/contributor but 1 in 2 are NOT cigarette smokers. 120,000 people die each year from COPD. 4 people every minute. 550,000 hospitalizations per year, 16 million office visits per year, and $13 billion per year in medical costs, including home care. A recent study shows “At least 93 per cent of those who had COPD were not tobacco smokers,”. 23% of COPD occurs in age groups less than 40 years. It is not just an old persons disease. At least 12 million have undiagnosed COPD.

Tobacco use is illegal in public places, yet Lung Cancer is the most prevalent, hardest to detect early and treat. It is the number one killer in the USA of all types of cancer. It is
Bp | Poulsbo, WA
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Sounds like you need to sit around a wood fire, drink a beer, and eat a few potato chips if you want my two cents.
Alex | Ruston, LA | Report Abuse
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this town is bad i hate it...
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