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Gainesville FL
Star Rating - 8/19/2015
g or biking Move downtown. I lived there and loved it. You can walk or bike anywhere you need to go. The bus system has more routes down there as well. There are lots of great restaurants and bars in this area. The brewery, First Magnitude has free yoga on Sundays. The rent downtown is very reasonable as well, especially the historic buildings. Duckpond is a good area to look also, and still in walking, biking distance of everything. Gainesville has so may unique places: the Top, Boca Fiesta, Satchels, Flacos, Curia (a new coffee shop), Wolfgang, and Urban Thread (for shopping), and Lucky's, where you can drink beer while you grocery shop. And dont forget to visit the two awesome local breweries: Swamphead, and First Magnitude. Another great thing about Gainesville is that it's not too far from St Augustine. Ginnie Springs is great as well... Also, downtown there is a farmers market every Wednesday, and dont forget about the bike trails! I've been gone a month, and miss it so much. Hope this helps :)
Also, look at Trip Advisor for more ideas. If you don't have a car, you should live downtown. Grocery stores, post office, bank, all in walking distance.
Lindsey | Gainesville, FL
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"Average" as can be
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