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Star Rating - 11/3/2019
If you want a good honest review about Irvine read this.(AS OF 2019)
I lived there between 2017-2018. Here’s the most in-depth review about the entire city since I studied every inch of it let’s go through all the pros and cons first about it keep in mind I am not going to be polictally correct at all I am going to be honest so please keep your leftist agendas to yourself.

Pro 1. It’s a very clean city and it’s very visually appealing. Every square inch of the city is well maintained and organized not one part of the city out of place the whole city is constantly updating and the city always looks new. To be honest the beautiful neighborhoods and parks in Irvine alone I think personally are a tourist attraction

2. Some of Best schools in the country these schools are award winning well funded and competitive. Very beautiful schools and it’s a lot to offer if your children are dedicated they will flourish.

3. So many food options due to the Diversity of the population there’s are many options of cuisine. Starting from most common to less common you can find Chinese food Taiwanese food Korean food Indian food Japanese food Vietnamese food and middle eastern food. Tons of great Asian dessert shops as well There’s also of course your standard American fare.

. Very safe. Is one of the safest cities in America with a very low crime index

5. So much recreation and so many landmarks and attractions to go see. You have Newport Beach along with the rest of the coast only twenty minutes away. Several biking and hiking trails in Irvine city. Only fifty minutes from Los Angeles on a good day and less than two hours away from San Diego and literally ten minutes away from Disney land in Anaheim. Costa Mesa is also a great coast city with its huge mall and art center. Irvine spectrum a world class mall with a Ferris wheel mall five minutes south via the i5 and

6. Finally Irvine is truly an all American experience while also being a classic original and nostalgic Orange County feel. I have a lot of good memories there just for living there only a year. Day or night the city is beautiful.

Cons. (I’m gonna rebound off a few pros first then give more cons.

1. Too clean too fancy. After living there for less than 6 months Irvine’s prestine status became my new standard. After living there for not too long I got use to it being so fancy and clean that when I would live the city I would find it hard to tolerate older dirtier nearby cities. Tustin for example is right next to Irvine and I found it distasteful due to its older appearance and couldn’t wait to get back to Irvine .

2. Ill quickly throw this in there also it’s very expensive . It’s a upper middle class city but it’s bound to become upper class very soon. Most houses hover around 800k which is the rough median house price as of 2019. It’s very difficult for anyone that isn’t single making less than 60k a year. Average decent rent is between 2000-3000 depending on size of living situation. Also the housing market here is hyper competitive. The Chinese buy up a lot of the properties and can out bid you up to 100k over asking price. I’ve even heard some have bidded ads high as over 1mil above asking price. To live here comfortably you need to be working in a white collar industry such as tech corporate finance or health care amongst others in the nearby industries.

3. living amongst other races and living amongst other races. I am not going to sugar coat this one at all so if you are easily offended by the truth please turn away now. Overall if you aren’t Asian you are going to be alienated bottom line but let me get in to detail regarding the most prominent races. Keep in mind I was a very open minded liberal when I came to Irvine free of judgment or racism coming from a conservative state in Utah . So this is a true story. Keep in mind these are averages based on my experience along with a lot of verified and credible references from the internet as well as people I know. I am here to speak the truth not a buttered up illusion . The whole time I wrote this i felt bad but I needed to speak the truth if we want to fix some issues in Irvine. Keep in mind this has nothing to do with American born Asians. They are completely different this only applies to immigrants

Recent immigrant Chinese: last I checked makes up the bulk of the Asians in Irvine next to Koreans and Taiwanese. There are very elitist and can be racist through being very subtle such as not renting to non Chinese and not making you feel welcome if you aren’t Chinese. They have a large population and many are rich and therefore feel most empowered. And they have no interest in assimilating into American culture as most frequently fly back and forth through China. They don’t speak very good English if at all. Most of all they will not engage with anybody that isn’t Chinese such as saying hi or making social interaction unless it’s absolute necessary. If you try to make friends with them they will think you are very weird that some weird American is trying to make friends with Chinese people. Again they want nothing to do with American people unless there is a reason for it. They only hang out with Chinese. Of course if you know a Chinese personally like if they are your co-worker or neighbor they can be very nice but they won’t truly see you as a friend because you aren’t Chinese. But I should say that a lot of this is Chinese culture so don’t be too surprised. This observation isn’t racist as anyone who truly knows Chinese culture. Overall if you aren’t Chinese they won’t maker you feel welcome at first. This just came to me as I was writing this my mom worked at a grocery store in Irvine at first she said she didn’t feel to welcomed by the Asians but she said when she would help them in store they were very kind and polite of course this is where you can get them one on one personally . She didn’t specify what Asian ethicnity they were but I’m sure some were Chinese Keep in mind this is specifically examining the Chinese in Irvine. I had a lot of great Chinese friends I met in Santa Clara . And while I saw some similarities since China is so homogenous I was at least successful in making friends with Chinese in Northern California. This behavior is typical of Chinese no doubt but Irvine is just a special area where it’s at its very worst at least in America. But if you speak Chinese it helps a lot

Koreans immigrants : very similar to Chinese but I’d say they are very unprepared for America and are very confused about American etiquette there’s a huger cultural barrier they are kinda in a limbo. I’d see them arguing very loudly in parking lots of shopping centers of grocery stores amongst each other. Regardless can be nice if you get them one on one they will be nice. But they are similar to Chinese again. Elitist and xenophobic at times. Again I’m talking about recent immigrants speaking some Korean can help. They seem to be a little more eager to assimilate as least from what I saw

Taiwanese if you meet a Chinese and they were more Americanized or open it was likely a Taiwanese.

Japanese: they were rare. Surpisnglsy they weren’t as good warm as normal Japanese from Japan. Some were but most were just neutral . Not exactly non welcoming but exactly warm either.

All other races similar to the larger group but to a lesser extent everyone in Irvine can be unwelcoming if you are working class or not up to par to Irvine’s standards. But it would be disingenuous to say that everyone is the exact same as some are different than other in terms of how they interact. In general these differences are expected and I have nothing against anyone because I can understand there stress of being in a new country. If they want to assimilate in america it’s there choice honestly because it is a free country after all ????. Only thing I am confused is that why would you want to move to a new country if you don’t want to engage with the people that live there and try to assimilate in the country ? It’s no different from me moving to China or Korea and only talking to American an people eating American food and rarely talking or engaging with the local population. You don’t get a country without getting its people. But anyways

Let’s move on to the last few bits

Irvine company : they are a average company I mean they maintain their city well but keep in mind they control everything and have very stringent and strict codes and policies for all the houses retail stores streets left. Also you never truly own your house in Irvine as you have mandatory HOA payments that range from 200$ And as high as 400$ depending on where you live. Of course the latter is the very fancy neighborhoods regardless my point is that even after you pay off your mortgage you will always have hoa payments along with any other fees associated with the community you live in. Irvine company is also not afraid to raise rent prices

Henry | Irvine, CA
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I could not disagree with the writer any more. I have personally lived in Irvine since Memorial Day Weekend of 1969 ( prior to it becoming a city). That puts me at 50 years and counting. I moved to Irvine with my then husband who happened to be 1/2 Chinese. It would be an understatement to say the city was very white at the time. I have raised a total of five boys putting them all through Irvine schools. As any metropolis area expands there is a natural tendency to seek kindred spirits especially if one speaks a foreign language. Never had any problems between kids of different ethnic groups. I sincerely believe one finds and sees what one wants to. The reader having moved here so late in the game and staying for such a short time would never be able to truly experience the many unique aspects of the city. Many have denigrated the Irvine Company for their stringent rules, but it is continually one of the safest cities in the country. No one talks about how Irvine saw value in lower cost housing many many years ago or our street built by Habitat for Humanity. Through all of the changes in the owners of The Irvine Company and all they did for the schools when they could have declined the city has thrived. Many years ago Woodbridge High School needed its gym completed. Who helped? Irvine Company. I could bore you for hours, but I will just say having been on the scene for the past 50 years it has been a privilege to watch Irvine mature and become quite the spot. When I moved here and was asked where I lived. The response to Irvine was "Where is that?" Everyone knows now!! There are many wonderful cities in the OC as they say, but none of them offer the variety of business, open spaces, an award winning University, fabulous schools, lovely homes, and a huge population brimming with so many interesting people. Granted it never was and never will be perfect, but with our 550,000 trees planted over time we appear to be more than a semi arid plain. I am happy to have seen the trees grow to their wondrous heights. I wish the reader had been here longer to get to know Irvine.
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