Review of New Boston, Texas

A terrible, terrible place to live
Star Rating - 1/19/2015
I moved to New Boston with my husband (young couple, no kids) and lived there for a year because of a job my husband had gotten nearby. It was easily the worst year of my life: the ONLY thing to do was go to WalMart (which was the smallest WalMart I'd ever been to, and smelled like B.O.). People there were "fake Southern friendly": we started going to a church just for something to do and people there really do say "bless your heart" when they're thinking less of you or find out you're not their idea of a perfect Christian. And if you're not Baptist, forget it..don't even bother to show your face. The local radio station with "new" music was playing songs that were 5 years old. Tornadoes plow through on a semi-regular basis and there are no basements or storm cellars. I literally got pregnant out of boredom. There are "chiggers" and locusts everywhere..and not just outside. Please, if you're thinking of moving to New Boston, do yourself a favor and just...don't. Just don't.
Vera | Kenosha, WI
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