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All the Charm of a Dressed Pig
Star Rating - 3/24/2013
I moved to Glens Falls in 2009 from downstate, sucked in by their new facade and tempted by the surprisingly low cost of real estate. There's a reason why this area's property is cheaper than Saratoga Springs. It's not the difference in proximity to Albany. Glens Falls was and always will be a little mill town whose core population has been here for generations. They want nothing to do with outsiders beyond taking their money in exchange for a little touristy hospitality. It's a fine place to visit, but don't be foolish enough to attempt to lay down roots here, unless you're trapped in an 80's time warp, still drinking and smoking. Then you'll find yourself right at home amongst the charming dives of South Street. The property taxes and utilities are high and growing because of poor management, particularly with respect to the water and sewer department. Potential investors should be aware that the town's water and sewer facilities as well as the dam are in need of tens of millions in renovations - money that the town's existing population can't support. Don't be fooled by the price per cubic foot of water. There's a "minimum usage" charge, even if you haven't used a drop, making the water much more expensive than New York City for singles, small families, and part-time residents. There are also numerous superfund clean up sites from multiple sources - not just GE. Notice all the medical facilities? Many people who live here for awhile develop cancer from exposure to PCBs and other toxins. The renovated buildings across from the hospital are section 8 housing. The town is full of people who just aren't making it. While there is some talent, the few who have it go nowhere fast because of the incurably stagnant atmosphere that underlies the town's shallow charm. Don't get trapped here. Glens Falls is the place dreams go to die. If the region appeals to you, you're much better off renting in Saratoga Springs than sinking your money into Glens Falls.
Betsy | Glens Falls, NY
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Amen to you !!!! I regret investing in Glens Falls it was one of the biggest mistake I have ever done I feel trap no job growth !! High Taxes is holding down the value of houses.... the people that are in office don't have a idea I am trying to escape !!!
Joseph | Glens Falls, NY | Report Abuse

wow..100% best review of this death-trap of a "city" I EVER read! I live just north of this place, (not ANY better just farther to drive)and I can tell you this is where people come to die...really that is it. There is NOTHING here except for min wage dead end jobs, TWO (2) walmart's, and about every other crap job $8/hr VERY part time job you can find, college degree or not. I know people who are ASE certified auto tech's who can't afford to live in this GREEEDY city, I am a certified, experienced computer tech myself, (A+, Network+, and studying for the Linux+/LPI 1 and 2 certs) Yep work at a grocery store at 8.25/ hr. NO JOBS!
william | Queensbury, NY | Report Abuse
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