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Just another dump in a flyover state
Star Rating - 3/9/2020
Wasted 20 yrs living here, a lot of people want out but get trapped once they have families, I consider myself lucky and happy to have left this dump. This place is boring with simple minded country folks. Nothing to do but go to a small shopping mall oak park mall or drive 40 minutes to the plaza in KCMO for shopping or dining, not many choices either or drive 30 minutes to KCKS go to Nascar If this is your thing.. Overland Park itself is a just a bunch of brown or beige cookie cutter homes. The only plus side here is that housing is affordable as you are only paying for construction materials as the actual land is worthless. unlike other cities where people want to live in, here you can purchase a 4k sqft for what you would buy a starter home anywhere else. So if you want a big house and your life revolving about mowing a big lawn this is the place for you.
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Overland Park is growing quickly in price. New restaurants are being put in at downtown Overland Park. True that the housing isn't that beautiful and everything else is a long drive. The houses aren't that big (at least in northern Overland Park, huge houses further south). The people here are NOT country folk. This is a big city in the middle of the United States. 2nd largest in Kansas. There are great public schools such as the Blue Valley District and Shawnee Mission District. Oak Park Mall is slowly dying from people online shopping instead. There are some new museums like the Johnson County museum and a great arboretum. Sprint's headquarters are also located here. Lots of people live here and I'm proud to live near Overland Park.
Anson | Prairie Village, KS | Report Abuse
- 2/17/2020
Overland Park is Family Utopia
Overland Park is family Utopia. If you want a good place to raise your family with above a...
Middle of No Where | Shawnee Mission, KS | No Replies

- 2/3/2018
How often does the EPA test the air quality?
We visited Overland Park and a very nice place. I was also told that Overland Park is also...
Mark | Tulsa, OK | 1 Reply

- 3/24/2016
Life in Overland Park is what you make of it
I have lived in Kansas/Missouri my whole life. I have lived in Wichita KS, St. Charles/...
MARILYN | Overland Park, KS | 1 Reply

- 4/26/2015
Big beige houses, for you and me...(and soccer mom
We have lived in Overland Park for the better part of 25 years. In my job I travel the cou...
Tim | Overland Park, KS | 1 Reply

- 8/15/2014
Overland Park has lost its charm.
My parents moved to Overland Park in the mid 80's and the area has lost any small town kan...
Ryan | Wichita, KS | No Replies

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