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Welcome to the GHETTO
Star Rating - 4/2/2019
I have been living here for 13 years and I hate it. When I first got here downtown was a ghost town. It has been rehabbed with all sorts of wacky houses and businesses. Most there is to do here is eat. DPAC is nice but VERY expensive. In fact everything here is expensive. They say average cost of housing is $700 a month but trust me you find an apartment for that low you are in the ghetto. ANd these ghettos are not kind. Gunshot crimes everyday! Crime rate is rediculously high and that is not getting better. Muggings, shootings, breakins etc. Racial divide is very prevelant. Blacks don't trust anyone. Gov makes all their rules on thinking oters are trying to get over so they make everything difficult. Mindset is still back in the day. yikes. I am leaving finally. They said caucasion population is 63% but they counted in hispanics (Mexicans and SOuth Americans). Remove them and it is 45%. Why did they scue the numbers like that? hmmmm. I tried to like it but in reality can't take it another minute.
Jacquelyn | Durham, NC
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