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A Country Gem
Star Rating - 6/20/2020
Having grown up an “Angelino” and having a very suburban life in the SF Valley, we moved to a Sacramento suburb in mid 80s when it was still an undiscovered gem; I was a teen at the time. As a 40-something adult I moved with my husband & kids to Roseville, which we very much loved but the space was limited in between houses. We recently moved to Lincoln just outside city limits and THIS is where I want to stay! Lots of land available (we have 2.5 acres!), gorgeous country atmosphere, many mom & pop restaurants & shops in downtown Lincoln. We love the politics here and the small town, old tyme vibe here.
When my hubs & I married in ‘93, our friend lived here but there was nothing here but fields, and it seemed quite isolating. When the housing boom hit in approx ‘01, Lincoln as we now know it began to slowly develop. The internet & WiFi is slow, but it’s such a small inconvenience for living in a slice of heaven. We residents don’t want Lincoln to grow much more, as the Old Tyme, country feel & small-town vibe is what brought the majority of us here. Any urban sprawl would be to the detriment of our community.
Kay | Lincoln, CA
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- 1/12/2014
very nice community
This is a little ranch and farm town just to the north east of Sacramento that several yea...
Votedemout | Lincoln, CA | No Replies

- 10/12/2007
Wonderful Community
Lincoln has grown significantly in the Last 5 years. A lot of beautiful new developments a...
Phil | Lincoln, CA | No Replies

- 4/9/2007
great place to live
I cannot understand why the posting are so negative about Lincoln. I really is a good pla...
Terry | Lincoln, CA | No Replies

- 4/9/2007
Good region to live in
I read a person who said this was not a good placeto live. I cannot believe that they rea...
Terry | Lincoln, CA | No Replies

- 3/13/2007
High cost, low return
The cost of living in Lincoln is nearly equal to Sacramento. The community is nice enough...
Matthew | Lincoln, CA | No Replies

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