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I like Elizabeth City
Star Rating - 9/9/2009
I spend most of my life in Elizabeth City. It is a great place to live and most of my family call it home. Elizabeth City is a small rural community that post alot of spacious living and a quaint lifestyle. It is a great place to move to if you are looking to live in a quiet safe setting. Some of the draw backs to Elizabeth City is that there is not alot to do in the way of Entertainment. Most people travel to Chesapeake Virgina for things to do like movies, shopping, and the like. If you love to fish and hunt Elizabeth City has alot to offer. Being a riverside community we have alot of watersports on the Pasquotank River. The river looks dirty but it is not due to the swamp being so close. We call it Cypress Tea water. We are also located close to the Outerbanks and there is alot to do there during the summer months. There are not alot of Jobs in Elizabeth City so do not move here looking for a job. There are several good employers but the people in these jobs usually stay till retirement. The only high turnover jobs are in education. In that area you have alot of highly dedicated teachers that work very hard to motivate students to see the value of education. Elizabeth City has a very high number of people in poverty. Most seem to do fine and in general are very decent folks. Elizabeth City would benefit greatly from a major company moving to ther area.
Jacob | Elizabeth City, NC
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- 10/23/2019
love this city
I lived in this city my whole life and is love it....
chandler | Vancouver, WA | 1 Reply

- 1/28/2012
how to make it a little better
let me start by saying yes i was once part of the crime issues in my city i love to now ca...
TRACY | Elizabeth City, NC | No Replies

- 1/5/2012
growth asap
Elizabeth city has has alot of potiential square feet wise that is. Other than that the ci...
Bp | Elizabeth City, NC | No Replies

- 11/13/2010
Elizabeth City's climate
There are four seasons here in Elizabeth City, the winters are usually moderate, there may...
abg | Elizabeth City, NC | No Replies

- 1/5/2008
I wish I could explain living in EC. I really have nothing to compare it to, since I have ...
Clara | Elizabeth City, NC | 1 Reply

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