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Star Rating - 4/26/2014
I live in the Port Acres area of Port Arthur and I like the rural area very much. I do have to wonder what kind of hallucinogenic drugs he had used prior to writing his review of Port Arthur in 2009. To the objective observer, Port Arthur is nothing special. There are no beaches to speak of, certainly no clear water until you get as far south as Corpus Christi. Maybe, he was mocking the reader? Maybe he wrote it on a dare? Like all places, the City is not as utopic as Pierre writes and not as bad as the bashers write either.
Kimberly | Port Arthur, TX
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- 7/28/2015
port arthur ace hole capital of the world
Port arthur and surrounding areas CONS: hot and very humid summers cant go outside during ...
Fabian | Nederland, TX | No Replies

- 2/14/2015
Slow grind
Seattle, here we come!...
chauncey | Port Arthur, TX | No Replies

- 1/5/2013
Armpit of the world
I moved here over a decade ago. This not a place to raise a family, nor accumulate a subst...
Bradley | Beaumont, TX | No Replies

- 4/25/2009
A True Garden of Eden
Port Arthur has to be the most beautiful city i have ever seen. Most every house in the c...
Pierre | Port Arthur, TX | 1 Reply

- 7/10/2008
Low quality of life; low property values, high cri
14 years ago I made the mistake of choosing Port Arthur to call home. I rectified it 2 ye...
Kevin | Groves, TX | No Replies

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