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Review of Tucson, Arizona

One of the worst if not the worst place in the US
Star Rating - 7/2/2020
This whole city is a total slum from one end to the other. Extremely boring too. And way too hot.
Only places that compete with being as bad and as boring as Tucson is Carson City Nevada and Lake Tahoe.
Anon | Sacramento, CA
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Correct Lake Tahoe most boring town in the Northern Hemisphere. Carson City is not even a place. It's a non entity . Reno is right behind with the witless Californians spilling into it with their Zero personalities and their entitled soccer moms with the California chip firmly on shoulder
edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

Then you should move.... How about CA, that's a nice state for whinners.
Steve | Tanque Verde, AZ | Report Abuse
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