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Star Rating - 3/15/2019
The only 2 things about Santa Fe that are nice is the scenery and the weather. But, those two things cannot bring about the total comfort and homeyness that makes a city a great place to live. Firstly, Sperling shows a fatal flaw about Sante Fe. A 50K average income with a close to 400K avg housing price? Hmmm, Denver home prices with 35% less avg income. California rent prices in a little town with ZERO private sector industry (Tourism does not count because those jobs have menial wages) and state gov't jobs. Umm, No. The other fatal flaw is that Santa Fe is always rated as one of the top 5 rudest cities in America. They have deadly drivers, a huge illegal (Yes liberals, illegal means illegal) population, extremely HIGH income inequality (something liberals always yammer on about but never do anything about) and a shrinking population and tourism. Even though Santa Fe is a failed little town with a looming deficit, it doesn't stop their pretentious residents from making it as an expensive of a city as any big city in N.Y. or California. It's like a fairytale land for these transplants, but it drives out or burdens the local population which are mostly hispanic. Again, great weather and scenery are the ONLY pluses about Santa Fe and I give a star to each for a total of two.
chris | Albuquerque, NM
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Chris, like most places that are tourist in nature, money flows in and helps in so many ways to improve the areas it finds, yes it causes issues ( lack of affordable housing being one, crime another ) but New Mexico as a whole has poverty, crime and a lack of educational advancement BUT many people that you seem to be a critic of have helped not only with money ( TAXES PAID ) but their experience and volunteering , bringing business to the area et cetera , you mention "it burdens the local population" this you most certainly have wrong

The above review is right on. SF is good place to visit for a few days but not a good place to live given its severe problems of economic inequality, rising ethnic tensions, and too many self-absorbed, asocial yuppies of all ages who live in the second homes theyve bought/built in the eastern hills. Of course all the realtors and chamber of commerce reviewers will tell you how wonderful it is. Coldish winters and high rate of property crimes, too. So do your own research on it and keep your eyes open if you visit there.
jay | Providence, RI

You've got your 'facts' wrong. First, the average income in Denver is higher than in Santa Fe. Fact check. Comparing Santa Fe costs to California is laughable and comparing it to New York is preposterous. There is NO comparison when you ratio income to housing and account for overall cost of living. Clearly, you've never lived in these areas because Santa Fe is FAR cheaper. Second, Santa Fe isn't rated among the top 5 rudest cities in the US, it's one of the friendliest per the 2018 Conde Nast Reader's poll. I've found it extremely friendly, like small-town America. Third, tourism is thriving. In fact, Forbes Magazine rated it as a 2019 Top 14 Tourist Destination in the U.S. Additionally, Conde Nast ranked Santa Fe #2 in the 2018 15 Top Cities in the U.S.: Reader's Choice Awards. Fourth, where do you get your information that SF is a 'failed little town with a looming deficit?' This sounds like sour grapes. Get your facts straight Trump, err, Fool. I'm happy you don't live here.
Brian | Berkeley, CA
- 9/1/2019
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