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does drugs count
Star Rating - 3/30/2009
Florala is the worst places to raise your children because of the drug availabilty and meth labs. It seems like everyone around here is doing something no matter what the age. I have lived here for 6 years now. I moved from Mobile, AL. I can't wait to move again and save my children from the drug industry here.
Barbara | Florala, AL
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I was born and raised in Florala, I wanted to leave at the age of 12! I left at 15 as a singer who traveled. I have had to go back from time to time and wanted to go to Lake Jackson, tie a concrete block to my leg and jump off the end of the pier! The people there are friendly enough IF you are from there. They aren't that great if you are. They are lost in time, they live there as if they are not even in the 20th century and as though if they left there they would fall off the end of the earth! It is a closed population and a closed mentality! The economy is non-existent. NO JOBS! The way most survive there are they are retirees from elsewhere or they manufacture drugs or their family has been there all their lives and they mooch off them. Crestview, Florida is 25 miles south and it is like a whole other world! Even more so with FWB which is 50 miles south. These people are like no others you have ever met. Thee is a small faction of people who have always controlled this little cesspool and refuse to let anything come there to improve the town because they would loose control and wouldn't be able to pocket the government funding they get. I counted 25 businesses that opened and closed within 3 years. The pathetic little hospital that has always been there shut down a few years ago! Several times employees of public services have been caught embezzling funds. The only thing there is scroungers, lots of ignorance, criminals and drugs! STAY AWAY! The saddest little place I know!!!
Gail | Florala, AL
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