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Wages/ Groceries/ Housing Bubble
Star Rating - 11/8/2016
I moved from Boston to Raleigh, NC area. The job here are very IT based. The wages are very low, unless you are in the top tier position of a company. I was making 6 figures as an Executive Assistant, I was offered a job @45K a year for a CEO of a Multi-million dollar company. I told them I moved to the South, but don't plan on being raped here. But yet I pay my dog walker $25/ 30 minute walk a day. The flight home was cheaper than I was quoted to have my hair cut $45-55. You cannot have people making cheeseburgers selling them to manicurists and waiters. The houses here under $375 go like hotcakes because that is what people can afford. I will never buy real estate here, it is a bubble. In addition to the people being very transient the jobs are too. You can have a job, but if you lose it I have heard countless stories of people that have to leave the area.
The groceries are very costly, never mind the taxes on basic groceries. I have priced compared a few items compared to MA and many items are 50-80% higher for pricing. I am shocked, yes my car insurance went down quite a bit as did my salary, but so many other items are more money. Financially it is not any better here.
Don't move to Raleigh, the weather night be nice is a big reason I moved South, but I am going back North.
Jan | Cary, NC
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