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A once great town goes downhill
Star Rating - 3/13/2021
If you like high crime, paying a $4,500 a month mortgage and crazy high taxes, this is the place for you. It’s too bad because it wasn’t always like this. When I moved here in 1992 it was quite a bit different. It was possible to purchase a home in the $200-$300K price range and you could leave your car unlocked in your driveway. Not anymore. My car has been broken into twice in the past year, my wife’s car once. One morning someone dumped 2 cardboard boxes stuffed full of opened stolen mail and empty Amazon packages on our street sidewalk. A few months back, a neighbor the next block over was running a airb&b that got busted hustling a Meth/fentanyl to-go business. They were back home the same day. San Roque neighborhood seems to be getting the brunt of this crime wave. Law enforcement is apparently are not prosecuting anyone short of aggravated assault or homicide. Why? Because we don’t want them to catch the Covid in jail- of course!
The thieves know this so the Santa Barbara crime wave continues unabated. We are selling while the market is hot and before people start to figure out what’s really going on.
John | Santa Barbara, CA
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- 3/24/2021
Beautiful and friendly
I fell in love with Santa Barbara about thirty years ago and finally moved here a few year...
Griesel | Santa Barbara, CA | No Replies

- 11/26/2020
It's all a myth
If you are a multi-millionaire and can afford to live, shop and educate your kids within t...
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- 8/26/2019
Still nice but was nicer in the past.
Moved here in 1988 for college and never left. Highway 101 still had a stop light at State...
Carlos | Santa Barbara, CA | No Replies

- 5/20/2019
Except for the price, it's awesome.
I've lived in the city since coming her for university in 1980 (and my wife has been here ...
Steve | Santa Barbara, CA | 2 Replies

- 5/11/2017
A Nice City, But . . .
It's a beautiful town with stellar ocean views, a laid-back vibe and a climate that can't ...
David | Whittier, CA | 1 Reply

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