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Don't move here!!
Star Rating - 6/24/2007
I have lived in Apopka for the past 24 years and have seen it deteriorate over the past 5 years excruciatingly fast.
I cannot go out a night without having a firearm attached at my hip. Just go onto the web and look into Apopka, and you will see news articles on how people (a LOT of people) are taking up firearms around here. Most of the crime here is commited by juveniles who parents have no control over. Everything from armed burglary, home invasions (occupied and un-occupied dwellings),car name it we have it here.
I'm only stating all of this on here, because we are looking to find a place to move to that has very little of this going on. I think you should hear the truth about Apopka and surrounding areas as well. I would want others to tell me about any of the places that I'm looking into, in an honest manner. I am the head of our neighborhood watch program in a community of over 500 homes, and I have reliable resources to back my claims up. Make an educated decision, and consider moving somewhere other than Apopka Florida!!
Doreena | Apopka, FL
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