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Star Rating - 7/13/2019
I've been to just about every big city and with the exception of St. Louis and Baltimore, Indianapolis is at the bottom of my list of America's urban places. It's a very immature city in the sense that it has supporters and if you say something negative about it they're all over you. The only other city I've ever seen that mindset in was Denver...also very immature. You don't see it in really great places. You can criticize Seattle or Portland and people will listen and engage without turning into emotional basket cases. Not in Indy. No way.

The city has a lot of problems and they get glossed over by the marketing people who are trying to present it as a hip, compact, walkable urban destination. They've built the Cultural Trail, for example. They think this makes them Amsterdam, but it's really nothing more than a glorified sidewalk with a nice brick inlay. Lots of those bricks are crumbling and they won't get fixed because maintaining what you build is not the Hoosier way. Speaking of which, potholes and hotpatch. Yeah. You go, Indy!

If you do decide to walk around downtown, take some comfort in the fact that it's relatively easy to legally carry a firearm in Indy. You're going to need one, because there are an awful lot of people illegally carrying firearms and they are not afraid to use them. As long as you're quick on the draw and not afraid to fire back, you should be okay. That said, this city in murder central. You have been warned.

I could go on about the lack of social skills so common among Hoosiers, but that's just piling on. I don't want to be mean. That said, local officials spend a lot of time marketing their city nationally and globally. If they spent half that time maintaining and fixing what's broken instead, Indy could be a pretty nice place. But they don't. It's just not in the Hoosier DNA to take care of things. So if you're from Paris, see the glowing ads and come, it has to be quite a shock. I'll betcha don't come back. I haven't. Life is way too short to spend in a place like Indianapolis.
Zen | Portage, MI
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Way to refute my points, Franklin. All that's missing is the blank Hoosier stare. Carry on, Gomer.
Zen | Portage, MI | Report Abuse

Although I cannot agree with everything, you're right about the lack of socializing. I like Indy, but I don't love it. The main reason is people here just aren't very social. I know folks will argue that it's like that everywhere. It's not. When I visited Denver I had to tell people I'm just a tourist because I was constantly getting invited to social events. It's an odd Midwestern behavior: nice, but reserved.
Gregory | Bloomington, IN | Report Abuse

I lived in Indy 25 years as a born Hoosier, now I'm in Fort Wayne Indiana. Since I've lived places other than Indiana, what Zen said isn't far off, especially about the social skills. But FTW is worse, even your neighbors glare at you with suspicion.
just | Fort Wayne, IN | Report Abuse

In Midwestern's rude to criticize or insult their cities and states...maybe not in Chicago or in Michigan. But, most of the region suffers from some type of inferior mentality towards other regions of the country. Midwesterners are reserved by default.... because there's not much to do there but eat, sleep and work
Reese | Bloomingdale, GA | Report Abuse

is your moniker meant to be an indication of your self appointed enlightenment or just happenstance? I'm leaning towards the former but hate to rush to judgement
D | Lafayette, IN | Report Abuse

Your review of Indy is so far off base, it's laughable. Stay in Michigan...heard Flint is wonderful.
P | Franklin, IN | Report Abuse

This was a pretty funny read! My favorite part was the author's attempt to shield himself from criticism by stating outright that Indy residents get irrationally defensive about the city. Expert level gaslighting, Zen! Now none of us can critique your criticism without you painting us into the crazy local category. Brilliant move on your part, truly. As someone who actually lives downtown: I enjoy the Cultural Trail and its function as a vein that connects the major parts of the city. It is a truly walkable, compact city with a strong local food scene. I have never once heard anyone liken Indy to Amsterdam as a result of practical sidewalks and greenways. I have never once felt more unsafe in Indy than I have in any other major metro area. I dislike the fact that the state's backwards politics and priorities trickle into the more progressive-minded city. I dislike the road and pothole situations. I dislike the lack of a true Indy cultural identity. But a one-star city? I'd give it a 3 or 3.5. If you're in Paris, please let me know what glowing ads you've seen about the city of Indianapolis. I'm sure we'd all be shocked they even exist.
Rachel | Indianapolis, IN | Report Abuse

Four paragraphs of negative review; not one line of positive thing to say about the city. Now, that's suspicious! Not a good review!
David | Westbury, NY | Report Abuse

i worked downtown indy for 5 years. bums all over and many are aggressive and in your does nothing about it...they just want to do what you said...advertise national and globally for folks to move here. during the workday i felt safe enough walking about but i never went out after 5pm to downtown without carry firearm. they used to let people park around the circle for free on fri/sat nites..and tons of motos would come down and cool cars and people hung out and had fun..SO OF COURSE the new dem mayor put a stop to that. cant have people out having fun 4 months of the year after the 8 months of winter where they sstayed inside.
al | Lafayette, IN | Report Abuse
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