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the armpit of Connecticut
Star Rating - 2/22/2009
Lets see, $360/month property tax on a $199K/1,568 sq ft home, $57/month water&sewer for two people, $101/month homeowners insurance, $550 to fill the heating oil tank, 6% sales tax, $286 for motor vehicle taxes on an 8 year old vehicle valued at $8125, $225 for January utilities (electric), $23/month trash removal, $130/month for phone/TV/internet service. Now I'll quote directly from today's newspaper, "Its crazy here, says Edgar Santiago, I used to pay $250 a month for a studio apartment, now they want $700. I can't affort it". Oh, and the police blotter for today, we have disorderly conduct, second-degree breach of peace, evading responsibility, reckless driving, two counts interfering with an officer, third-degree assault, third-degree strangulation, risk of injury to a child, and lots more. Anyone want to swap places?
Louie | Meriden, CT
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- 8/28/2016
Stay away
Don't move to Meriden. Lived here most of my life and I am moving out. Crime is on the r...
KEVIN | Meriden, CT | No Replies

- 6/26/2014
Traffic patterns and constant disrepair tend to make for long and aggravating commutes. ...
Wondering Where | Meriden, CT | No Replies

- 11/17/2012
Pricey ghetto
I have lived here for over 3 years and the crime has gotten significantly worse. I live o...
Bp | Meriden, CT | No Replies

- 2/22/2011
Job Relocation
I currently have to move to Meriden conneticut because of a job relocation. I've been hear...
Jen | Nesconset, NY | 1 Reply

- 9/1/2010
Meriden has become a joke!
Meriden was such a great town many years ago. It's now a garbage town full of losers,drug ...
Bp | Meriden, CT | No Replies

- 2/10/2010
27 years
I was born and rised in meriden and I enjoyed living there.I live in Tampa Florida now.Jus...
charlene | Tampa, FL | No Replies

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