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Star Rating - 4/14/2019
I've lived in the city for 5 months now. The city is definitely growing. Lots of jobs opportunities, incredibly affordable, best location ever and slowly turning into nice vibe city. It's slowly getting there and I enjoy every day being part of it and helping FW to one day be shoulder to shoulder with the biggest and strongest cities in the US. Not because that's important but because FW deserves it. MAGA
Daniel | Fort Wayne, IN
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- 5/3/2019
A gem in the midwest
I've lived here my whole life and it's a great place to raise a family. Lots of stuff to ...
john | Fort Wayne, IN | No Replies

- 4/2/2015
Thriving Fort Wayne
I have lived here since August 2013 due to a new job. My $82,000 salary affords me a very...
Elaine | Fort Wayne, IN | No Replies

- 7/27/2013
At least it changes all the time
Fort Wayne has a lot of cloudy humid days but just when you start to get sick of the bad d...
Steven | Fort Wayne, IN | No Replies

- 10/22/2011
Fort Wayne is not a place to live!
The city is ran by greedy morons and does everything to line pockets of the city council ...
Abhd | Fort Wayne, IN | No Replies

- 6/17/2011
is there any african braiding shop in Fort Wayne?
In my search for the best place to live I found Fort Wayne. I am an african lady and I do ...
manu | Elgin, IL | No Replies

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