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Thriving Fort Wayne
Star Rating - 4/2/2015
I have lived here since August 2013 due to a new job. My $82,000 salary affords me a very comfortable life style. About 20 years ago, Fort Wayne lost a lost of manufacturing industry and since 2010, the city government has been working hard to reshape the businesses that call Fort Wayne home. Many upscale retail businesses are doing well here. Slowly, businesses are moving to the area. Consequently, more job options are becoming more available. There is a thriving community college (about 12,000 enrolled annually), Indiana University and Purdue University share a Fort Wayne campus (called IPFW), and private colleges with campuses are Trine University, Indiana Tech University, and University of St. Francis. With that many colleges in the area, cultural options abound. Growth is to the southwest and northwest sectors of town. The original areas of Fort Wayne are well maintained and provide old world charm. There is enough population (approx 250,000 within city limits; another 250,000 in surrounding suburbs) to provide lots of options for something to do.
Elaine | Fort Wayne, IN
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- 9/3/2019
Moved here from Buffalo, NY. Ft Wayne is a big city with lots of greenery and things to do...
Anish | Fort Wayne, IN | 1 Reply

- 8/27/2019
Fort Wayne, not so great anymore!
I lived in Fort Wayne from 1962 until 1988 then moved north. Fort Wayne was a nice city a...
Scott | Kendallville, IN | 2 Replies

- 5/3/2019
A gem in the midwest
I've lived here my whole life and it's a great place to raise a family. Lots of stuff to ...
john | Fort Wayne, IN | 1 Reply

- 4/14/2019
City of Future
I've lived in the city for 5 months now. The city is definitely growing. Lots of jobs oppo...
Daniel | Fort Wayne, IN | No Replies

- 7/27/2013
At least it changes all the time
Fort Wayne has a lot of cloudy humid days but just when you start to get sick of the bad d...
Steven | Fort Wayne, IN | No Replies

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