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Quality of roads, cleanliness
Star Rating - 7/30/2013
Louisiana is notorious for its appauling roads. The joke is that you don't have to see the state line to know your in Louisiana. While they have improved the interstate system that goes through the city the roads within the city are woefully bad. The quality of road work repairs are terrible and the city is just a patchwork of tarmac and slab. Its awful. The City's plan to expand the city out to the suburbs have the left the areas in between full of abandoned buildings and overgrown landscaping. Its creeping into the area near me at LSU.
Andrew | Baton Rouge, LA
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- 8/4/2021
baton rouge is not a good choice
terrible place to live...
Ashley | Baton Rouge, LA | No Replies

- 3/18/2019
i live hear so....
I live hear so i can't say i hate it but i don't like it...
R | Vancouver, WA | No Replies

- 2/22/2017
Great school, Awful Administration
Don't get me wrong, this is a great school filled with many great teachers. I absolutely l...
Eleanor | Baton Rouge, LA | No Replies

- 12/18/2015
Looking give a review of website...
Julius | Baton Rouge, LA | No Replies

- 10/29/2014
Private schools a must!!!! Small city with big fish in a small pond. Very hot, humid. A h...
DIANE | Baton Rouge, LA | No Replies

- 7/10/2014
Living in Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge, LA, (metropolitan population about 775,000) is both the capital and the secon...
Alice | Baton Rouge, LA | 1 Reply

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