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Itsa nicea
Star Rating - 11/7/2008
We live on the edge of Burlington. We are retired. It is 1.5 hours from the Mountains and 2 hrs from the beach. The neighbors are very friendly. There are things to do in Burlington, and Greensboro which is quite close. Airport, best one is Raleigh Durham. Greensboro is closer, but more expensive to fly out of. Hospitals are terrific. We use Alamance, but I had eye surgery in Chappel Hill, about 50 minutes away. So there is Duke in Durham about 50 minutes. UNC in Chappel Hill 50 minutes= 2 Great Hospitals, then the Baptist Hospital in the other direction attached to Wake Forrest University. Lots of things going on in all directions at all times. Yup, they are religious around here. I am a different religion from the majority, but they do their thing, I do mine. My wife does neither. We love it.

We wanted the Durham area. House Prices are high in Raleigh and research Park in Durham and keeps going down as you come West. Greensboro house prices are about the same as here. We live in a 5 year old 1700 sq ft 4 bedroom 2 bath cost 162,000 1 year ago. We are happy.

There are 2 colleges within 5 miles. Elon is one of them.
Ron | Whitsett, NC
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Hello MY NAME IS SEDALE FROM DETROIT, I HAVE TWO GIRLS AGE 13 AND 8 WHO LIKE DANCING ACTING AND SWIMMING AND I HAVE TWO BOYS WHO ARE 1 AND 3. As for myself and my fiancee we like bowling, occasional nite clubs, theaters(plays) movies and other activites. We would like a not so packed area but kinda suttle is Burlington the city for us? Or should i try Durham or somewhere else in the Nc? And how is the job market there? Please help me to decide or see what u see i'm an outof towner relying on a good opinion. Thanks.
Bp | Detroit, MI | Report Abuse
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