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Star Rating - 7/31/2009
We have lived in rural Beloit for 12 years, and lived in Milwaukee before that. My perception of Beloit is that people are very friendly. There is plenty of community activity. I believe the city is improving every year we live here. The riverfront development (Rock River) is beautiful with fishing and bike paths. I have worked in every part of the city and have never felt physically threatened. I feel much safer here than I did in Milwaukee. Real estate values are excellent. No complaints at all.
windyacres | Beloit, WI
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- 5/4/2010
30 year resident
Excellent school system, outstanding police and fire depts, easy access to two interstate ...
thomas | Beloit, WI | No Replies

- 7/29/2007
Wonderful Place, is Beloit
Unlike the other two reviews, I find Beloit to be a truly special place. Alot of good thi...
Daniel | Beloit, WI | No Replies

- 5/30/2006
this is a cracked out town with no money
I hate living here it is broke as helk crackheads everywhere begging for change crooked co...
Amy | Beloit, WI | No Replies

- 4/17/2006
Just Dont Do It
I think Beloit has many downfalls and the only thing good that I can really say about it i...
Amber | Beloit, WI | No Replies

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