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Holiday is OK - not GREAT
Star Rating - 7/23/2007
We've lived in Holiday for 6 months. The area is an OK area, nothing fancy and this is exactly why you are buying here. It is located in Pasco county, not Pinellas where you will spent a lot more in taxes, food, housing and everything else under the sun. Regarding Doctors, the whole state is a let down. All the doctors seem to be on the verge of having their license pulled. I was fortunate and ran into a specialist who is great. Genuinely concerned with my health. These doctors are rare and require ALOT of trial and error in the State of FL. I'm not singling FL out, however, I've lived in other states and the Health Care if so much better. It is HOT and HUMID here 10 months out of the year, just be prepared. People are generally nice. There is an education barrier, especially if you are from the North - anywhere North. All-in-all, we are happy here. Good Luck!
IDaveZ | Palm Harbor, FL
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What about the levels of crime?
Max | Orange Park, FL | Report Abuse
- 3/23/2011
like to have apt based on income!!!!!!!!!!!
i love the area, if you know of any apartments based on income, let me know, thanks jeff b...
jeffery | Somerset, KY | No Replies

- 9/21/2006
Good doctors are hard to find here. Most of them are doctors who have been kicked out of ...
Delores | Holiday, FL | No Replies

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