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I hate it and here is why you will too.
Star Rating - 8/15/2018
First off, I have lived in Grants Pass 25 years. Do you suppose I would know the city I grew up in? Don't believe the hype. As I type this you cannot see the mountains that surround Grants Pass. There is too much smoke from all the wildfires. We have have hazardous smoke from wildfires for the last three summers. It didn't use to be like this. At one point the air quality was sitting at 500, that is as unhealthy as you can get. People are wearing face masks to breathe because the smoke is suffocating us. I would never move to this city in a million years, I am here because I grew up here.

Dismal. The economy is sustained by customer service industries. Fast food places on every corner. Dutch Bros Coffee on every corner. Nothing but hotels, gas stations, mom and pop shops and antiques. Most of the jobs are either customer service based on health care based. The majority of the population is elderly people. For this reason, most of the jobs are stemmed from this fact. Don't get excited, the food in Grants Pass is AWFUL. If you want good food, go to Boise ID. Most of our revenue comes from tourists and the local population. We have a whopping 6 grocery stores. The economy here is BAD, the majority of jobs don't pay a living wage.

Forget about it. The prices of real estate and rentals are through the roof. There isn't enough housing for rent and practically no new construction is taking place. If you want to find a place to rent get ready to pay 1200 for a 2 bedroom house IF you can even find one to rent. If you have $300K to put down on a house well come on in!

Most of the people who live here HATE IT. They hate their lives and their jobs. You guys who live here know I am telling the truth. Grants Pass used to be the KKK headquarters and there are more bigfoot running around then black people here. This little city is RAGING racist. The police profile anyone who is not white. Like I said, good luck finding black people here. There are almost no Asians and not that many Hispanics. I would say 9 out of 10 people are Caucasian. If you are not Caucasian do not move here, unless you want to be a dish washer and landscaper.

There is ALMOST nothing to do here except smoke weed, do drugs and play video games. If you have lots of money, you won't have too much trouble. If you make less than 35K you will hate your life here. We have ONE movie theater. We have a skate park and that is about it. You might think I am joking, trust me I am not. There is only a handful of places to go and actually do something.

Are you a recluse or hermit? Come here.
Do you only want to be around your kids and wife/husband? come here.
Do you have an abnormal attachment to animals? Come here.
Most of the people in Grants Pass don't socialize, they treat their pets like their kids or partner. People kiss their dogs on the mouth and nose here, yuck!
Did someone say Anti-social? Yes, most of the people here are anti-social. Bunch of people haters here.

If you are from Grants Pass, don't lie, you know I am telling the truth.

If you are old and just want to go from home to the store and then back to cable TV, you will like it here. Well, if the smoke doesn't kill you.

If you are a man, be warned MOST of the females here are under 16 or over 40. If you do find one 18-30, she is 9 times out of 10 taken. All the pretty single girls leave Grants Pass. Speaking of women, you won't see them, they are always in cars. I do mean the pretty single ones. Drivers are very aggressive towards pedestrians and there is very little foot traffic for this reason, THEY DON'T WANT TO DIE.

This dumpy little city has a culture of racism, drug use, anti-socialism and a general hatred toward their fellow people. (They are miserable) Okay, it really isn't that dumpy but it is UGLY for the most part. Did any of you catch a whiff of my hatred for this city? No? Then you weren't paying attention. Seriously, if you want to get away from everyone, have money and have people force you into small talk or else they will contaminate your food or drink.

I am not a nice person, thanks Grants Pass!!!!

The police do a good job of running off the homeless and druggies. If you want to see a lot of homeless people, move to Medford. This is a good place if you are old, there are lots of nursing homes.

James | Grants Pass, OR
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I have to say that this is a very accurate review of Grants Pass, been here 20 years myself and I really could not have said it better.
Sydney | Grants Pass, OR

The police drop the homless off in Cave Junction. Their are no jobs because portland and the federal government cracked down on logging. The fires werent as bad, because the forests were logged
D-Jack | Grants Pass, OR

I know this was the house it use to be red in the mid to late 90s. I was visiting my mother and she had to work on my visitation day so we all were sent to this woman for babysitting. I blocked it out through the years mainly because my mother told me to shut up and beat the ____ out of me. I told her I saw a Hispanic man about 5ft 4 inches tall molesting my sister Angie Harrison age 2-3. He was an illegal drug dealer/biker I have no idea what club but I could guess. The woman that ran the child prostitution day care was named Carol looks like alive oil mutated into a rat. She later became GM of Grants Pass McDonald on 6th street when I saw her again it flashed back the memory. I quit speaking to my mother after this and never really forgave her. She allowed it to happen and prob used it to pay for babysitting or split profit of her own kids. I thank god I was old enough to know wrong an right and told my father. He also told me to keep it quiet but I will never see her again if I don't want to. Carol or Karen is what she went by if you were a victim or your kids turn this person in she needs to pay for it. 589 Detrick Dr was her address since she owned the home I am sure it still is.
Jason | Rogue River, OR
- 8/16/2019
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I know this was the house it use to be red in the mid to late 90s. I was visiting my mothe...
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