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Trash town
Star Rating - 8/27/2019
Nice if you're a drug addict criminal. But if you re an innocent person with career goals stay away. You'll be robbed, stalked, tormented and basically tortured until you're forced to move. I've only lived here a year and the amount of break ins and robberies I've had is shocking. the police do nothing, I kick homeless people out of my backyard every day and they leave behind all kinds of needles and broken glass. Avoid Eugene at all costs, not even worth stopping in, I'd take the long way and drive around it. This town is a stain on the otherwise beautiful Oregon.
Joe | Eugene, OR
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We woke up one-morning thanks to our dog and a man had cut a hole in the window and had his hand inside. Even when my husband arrived at the door the man didn't even act scared or leave until my husband showed him a knife. The man just walked away slowly like he had every right to break in. I don't think their population statistics are correct. There are more people than places to live and the corporations are deforesting everything we moved here for to put in strip malls and huge apt buildings There are lots of slumlords named "property management" renting trash housing for too much. Do not sign up with or rent from property management. They will rob you blind. They take a hundred applications for which they charge you about $50.It becomes obvious that they continue to let people pay the $50 when they know they already have an eligible applicant. I looked at one little apt. for $900. and the carpet smelled like urine. We walked in the next room and there were heroin needles on the floor.
alayal | Eugene, OR
- 12/28/2019
Scenic, But Plagued By Quality Of Life Issues
Eugene, Oregon is a college town (home of University of Oregon) that has grown in populati...
Garner | Lubbock, TX | 1 Reply

- 10/14/2019
Resident from October 2018-present
Pros: Beautiful scenery- The Eugene area is full of greenery, rivers, lakes, buttes, and...
Kendall | Salmon Creek, WA | No Replies

- 10/12/2019
I've never felt so unsafe!
There are so many homeless people here... At first I had sympathy but after all the robber...
Stephanie | Eugene, OR | 2 Replies

- 10/12/2019
Terrible. College town of dimwits.
TERRIBLE! This is the worst town I have ever been unfortunate enough to wind up in. Expens...
Bill | Eugene, OR | 2 Replies

- 8/26/2019
Dont move here, trust me. Not a single good thing to say. the trees and nature are nice bu...
Joe | Eugene, OR | No Replies

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