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Kissimmee or Tampa
Star Rating - 8/6/2012
My family and I currently live in aurora co. We are thinking of moving to Fl. early summer of 2013. We are looking at the Tampa area and Kissimmee area. We have been to Fl before but will be taking a trip out there in about 2 months to look at things as possible residents vs visitors. We have two kids one that will be in high school and the other elementary. Our line of work is LPN and electrican. We would love some feed back on the two areas such as schools, neighborhoods, also are these areas pretty diverse as our kids are not use to living in or going to a segregated neighborhood and school. Thanks for any info you give.
Simons | Centennial, CO
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kissimmee is not town it use to be sad to say higher crime level not safe place anymore use to be best town eve!!!!r no more after 50 years being there time to leave when u werent safe in daylight going to a publix grocerys even sad too many thugs taken over in area !!!
vicky | Kissimmee, FL | Report Abuse
- 11/26/2012
Kissimmee, Florida Unfair Traffic Trap
I know that in Kissimmee, Florida they have a small sign (do not turn on red) on the right...
Willie | Orlando, FL | 1 Reply

- 12/15/2010
Why I like to live in Florida
I like where I live because of its climate...
Felipe | Ogden, UT | No Replies

- 6/19/2010
Orange lake condo is perfect to spend great times!...
fabiano | Hanson, MA | No Replies

- 2/26/2010
Kissimmee (Osceola Co)
Hmmm. where can I begin. Originally I moved to Kissimmee in 1992 (right after HS) we lived...
Paula | Kissimmee, FL | No Replies

- 9/27/2009
Living in Kissimmee, is quiet. If you're looking for a slow pace, non congestive city this...
Regina | Kissimmee, FL | No Replies

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