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Kissimmee, Florida Reviews

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Kissimmee, Florida Unfair Traffic Trap - 11/26/2012
I know that in Kissimmee, Florida they have a small sign (do not turn on red) on the right side of a two lane turn right only at the intersection Osceola Parkway and Michigan. That sign is very hard to see, especially if you are in the left of the turning point; night hours aggravates this unfair Osceola County trap… It seems to me that that is a camera enforced trap to collect money. Nobody would turn if they can see an appropriate signs displayed.Read More

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Kissimmee or Tampa - 8/6/2012
My family and I currently live in aurora co. We are thinking of moving to Fl. early summer of 2013. We are looking at the Tampa area and Kissimmee area. We have been to Fl before but will be taking a trip out there in about 2 months to look at things as possible residents vs visitors. We have two kids one that will be in high school and the other elementary. Our line of work is LPN and electrican. We would love some feed back on the two areas such as schools, neighborhoods, also are these areas pretty diverse as our kids are not use to living in or going to a segregated neighborhood and school. Thanks for any info you Read More

Why I like to live in Florida - 12/15/2010
I like where I live because of its Read More

Perfect! - 6/19/2010
Orange lake condo is perfect to spend great Read More

Kissimmee (Osceola Co) - 2/26/2010
Hmmm. where can I begin. Originally I moved to Kissimmee in 1992 (right after HS) we lived all over...St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Poinciana. Back then it was nice NOW it's overpopulated and I have found people are VERY rude since we have moved back here in 2006. The first time we lived in Osceola Co from 1992 to 1997. We moved to another city about an hour away and we moved back to Kissimmee in 2006 due to family circumstances. So much has changed.

Several homes in my neighborhood have been abandoned. We dont even shop at some of the local grocery stores because they never have things in stock and you practically get run over in the parking lot trying to get into the store. If you are lucky to get up to the doors of the store than you have to make sure you don't get run over by someone coming out of the entrance.

Driving on the streets have become a nightmare!! Between the construction and the congested streets, taking all the back roads is the way to go!! Read More

Lifestyle - 9/27/2009
Living in Kissimmee, is quiet. If you're looking for a slow pace, non congestive city this is the place. Orlando is a few miles away Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios are all with a short distance.
Kissimme is growing from what I tell in my short time of living here. It's not a big city, very laid back. People for the most part seem nice, but not overly friendly. I've lived in other places where people are more talkative and receptive.

I find the people are all to themselves, but they are nice enough to speak. Many Northerners have moved here, alot of New Yorkers. A small portion of family live here, but it's not somewhere I would want to settle myself. Don't get me wrong; I like it here. But if I have a choice I would choose Euless, TX or Kissimmee. Just because it's bigger in Texas and just as Read More

Not bad for small town! - 8/1/2009
I've lived in Kissimmee for 5 years now. This town has everything! Restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. There a place call Old Town which has a bunch of restaurants, shops, thrill rides and lots of people to meet. They host a car club every saturday night. Not to mention all the central florida theme parks are minutes away. Schools here are average. Crime is average but definately lower than nearby cities like Orlando or Tampa. Overall, I say it's a decent place to live, have fun, and raise a Read More

No jobs, bad traffic, home prices up, hot and humi - 12/1/2008
I had to work 3 jobs at some point.These jobs don't pay much anything and its either tourist related work or you do a professional job of 2 or 3 peoples work load and get less than 1 employee should.No benefits.Warehouse is killer.Tourists are annoying.
There are things to do but expensive.Education is horrible.Overcrowded.Alot of stupid kids graduated.Alot of pedophiles.All Americas Most wanted flee to Florida and its hot all the time, the lynx sucks, Good to visit DONT LIVE HERE.
I even lived in Poinciana and that was hell.Get a car and 2 jobs to live in this crazy Read More

Living Near Disney - 10/13/2008
I live 5 miles from Disney in a Manufactured Home Community. We rent the lot and own the home. The community has 3 swim pools, a mini golf course, 3 club houses, many social Read More

Office - 6/13/2008
I have just started using this and hope it will be of benefit, should I decide to retire to a different Read More

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