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Review of Tyler, Texas

Tyler: The Good and the (Possibly) Bad
Star Rating - 4/19/2009
>>the Good: sweet, friendly people, gorgeous azaleas in the "azalea district", wonderful restaurants and plenty of them, low taxes, great diversity and prices of homes that almost anyone can afford, incredible new Imax, a church on every corner, nice zoo, fabulous country clubs, great University with pool.
>>the Possibly bad: Super Conservative (talking)attitudes, hypocrisy (dry county w/many drunk on the weekends), months of horribly hot and humid weather, lots of ticks and chiggers keep kids inside (or scratching for weeks), enormous influx of illegal aliens making traffic worse, corrupt local government that is NEVER WRONG regardless of the evidence, forever existent "snobby" attitudes regarding what kind of car you drive, what size dress you wear, what your husband does, what neighborhood you can afford all poorly concealed under the guise of Spirituality, huge pressure to attend church (Baptist preferred), summer glare that burns the eyes and the steering wheel.
If you are Baptist, live in a lovely home and drive a great car and don't mind almost dying from humidity you may love Tyler, the City of Roses. Each year, the girl who wins the title Rose Queen, is the one whose parents have spent the most cash on her dress!! 5K is just average!!
Bp | Hot Springs Village, AR
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