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NO, just NO unless you are rich
Star Rating - 1/22/2018
Well, hmmm. I did not care for it here. But then again, it was tainted by Catholic issues. (I had those until recently when I quit).

I also tried Lutherans - no go. I ended up connecting closer to the Twin Cities and that might have been ok.

But I moved on after being turned down for an apartment I loved so much and really wanted (kind of broke my heart!).

So people just would not give me a fair chance.

If you are already established with plenty of money - sure, go. Stay. Live. You will love it, they will love you.

But I needed a FAIR place and I did not find it there.

Its pretty - was very pretty. Very conservative which was part of the problem. I am somewhat conservative myself, but I am more open and accepting for a conservative.

It was not for me. Somebody tried to pay me off to leave! (Catholic) Their Catholic diocese was awful.

I also tried to work someplace. The interview etc went well but when I arrived for orientation, they would not give me the job they promised!

I walked out. None of that for me! FAIR treatment only.

So, I don't know - maybe at a different place and time in my life, but mostly I found it discriminatory, not very encouraging and not for me.
Brenda | Wichita, KS
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