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Review of Rome, Georgia

Rome,GA: The dead city with no diversity
Star Rating - 9/7/2009
Move here ONLY if you are a staunc right-wing,red-neck republican who believes in nothing else but the Bible. They will stare you down if you are from a different race or religion. This city was built for Christians(has over 200 churches!!!) with no places of worship for other religions(there is a small unnamed mosque where the worshippers pray in hiding). What a shame! Is this what the forefathers had envisioned for the US? Believe me I have a high 6 figure salary but not even for a million bucks will I have my children grow up in such a 'claustrophobic' city. The interstate is over 20 miles away. They claim that Atlanta is 60 miles away but it takes over 1 and a 1/2 hour to reach areas where there's some semblance of diversity and acceptance. We moved here with high hopes and I do NOT believe in bashing cities but Rome,GA is for Christain republicans only!
John | Rome, GA
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I believe in diversity as it applies to the dignity of every human being, based on race, gender, religion, and free will. It would be nice if everyone had that same conviction. But there are groups and faiths who don't respect the dignity of others and it comes from ignorance. They may only respect their own belief systems. When it comes to protecting one's society or faith, there should be decent people who unite and are intolerate of diversity that isn't healthy.
Helene | Dallas, TX | Report Abuse

I have family in the area and was hoping to find a small Buddhist group in the Rome. Instead I was amazed to find that even the United Church of Christ, not to mention the Unitarian Universalist, seem too liberal for Floyd county. It truly makes parts of Alabama look culturally diverse by comparison.
cj | Camp Hill, AL | Report Abuse
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