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Re: Forget Southern Hospitality
Star Rating - 3/6/2009
Go back to Chicago!
Dustin | Lincolnton, NC
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Dustin must be a native to tell someone from Chicago to go back, when he was just telling the truth. Lincoln County is the most clickish, good ole boy networked area there is around here, unless you were born and bred here you will be bored...everyone stays to their own famailies more or less, even to the point of moving all the homes on the same plots of land...they do not entertain making friends outside that circle of relatives or to move here and be totally new..either have family already here, or dont ever has been a nightmare of 22 years...we finally gave up trying to make friends and just keep to our own home, and drive to work and back...wowowowo
Abhd | Denver, NC | Report Abuse
- 8/7/2010
Denver, NC was not listed because it is not even a town. There is NO community here, no si...
Abhd | Denver, NC | No Replies

- 1/24/2006
Forget Southern Hospitality
I live in Lincolnton and moved from Chicago. I work in Charlotte and commute. Southern H...
gene | Iron Station, NC | No Replies

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