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I would not recommend Orlando to most.
Star Rating - 1/6/2017
Unless your a tourist Orlando, Florida is one of the worst cities you could possibly live in especially if you are a young adult trying to establish yourself. Florida in general can be a hard place to thrive outside of retirement or vacation but Orlando in particular is just not a great set up. The biggest problem here is the locals, you will not meet angrier people anywhere else...well maybe Miami. Due to high stress levels from the traffic, lack of paying jobs etc. and not to mention the high volume of felons and rejects from other states, locals seem to be in survival mode and ready for any confrontation. The education system here is a joke and I believe ranked one of the worst in the state. Traffic is always pretty heavy especially downtown and toward the theme parks but there are worse places for traffic. Because the city grew so quickly especially after 2000 the road layouts are poorly designed causing gridlock just about everywhere you go. If you have aspirations of making money and a home for yourself this is not your city. Orlando has gone from being mostly Republican to Democratic due to the fact that there is not a middle anymore. There are extremely rich people here most being from Northern states originally and the rest typically being service leveled poorer people. If you want to work as a cashier for a rich New Yorker and make 9.00 an hour or be a server at a restaurant this may be a great fit. If you are in construction Orlando may not be the worst fit either. There are jobs they just aren't jobs that will get you ahead financially. Personally I have noticed my overall attitude has become very negative since moving here luckily I am not having to stay much longer. All in all Orlando just isn't very safe, the people are confrontational, traffic is harsh and there is not much money to be made. If you want an awesome vacation come here, if you want somewhere to live and grow look elsewhere.
P James | Orlando, FL
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