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Stay far away!
Star Rating - 8/8/2014
Move here six years ago, and was very optimistic. I love meeting new people and adventure. Me my husband and two kids moved here from Louisville are. This place is like a gaping sore to the entire state of Ky. The people are the most ignorant I have ever seen, seriously. Since moving here I have seen animals neglected everywhere I look, I mean til the point of death. The animal shelter here got in trouble for taking them out back and shooting them... no lie! My children have witnessed animals being skinned alive and burned to death in Agriculture class, called the school and nothing happened, except my child was tortured at school. My children have been taught in trailers since we moved here, but there are multi million $ churches on every corner.This also is a right to work state=they can do whatever they want to you. I have been off work getting into my vehicle and been told I have to work 4 more hours. My daughter worked somewhere for a year that come to find out was paying her $5.15hr when it should have been $7.25! Called the local labor lawyer=nothing happened! No unions and they are proud of that! If you are a supporter of unions don't tell anyone.There are no jobs, and a really high paying one around here is $15 an hr. If you want to buy a home or rent one it will usually have a slum landlord behind it, or have black mold inside the home. The cost for rent for something nice around here for a family of 4 is $1000-$1600 a month. Very humid and double the bugs of what your used to. The healthcare is the worst I have seen in my entire life and I'm 40! My child broke her arm in gymnastics and it literally took 6 days after all the paperwork from the Dr. Got to the bone Dr. before she received a cast!!!! 6 days with a broken arm, seriously? An ice storm hit here a few years ago... the population here is around 25,000.......I did not have power during freezing temps. For over month! There is a place here called Kevil KY., no one seems to talk about the nuclear plant that is there and the contaminated environment...... btw that's 12miles away from the new high school! The bottom line is if you haven't went to school with or personally know the few individuals who run this town you won't get anywhere. Everything here is based on the "buddy system" NOT qualifications. I want to make it here until my husband's contract is up (4yrs from now) but I don't think there is enough love in the world to make it plausible to live here. Run far away from this place...... do not learn the hard way like me!
A | Paducah, KY
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Oh, you have almost scared me away. My husband has just committed to a stint with a large company for at least 2 years if they get the contract. We are from Ohio (Cincinnati) primarily and would need to be there for at least 2 years. I am in Amarillo, TX now and he is in Carlsbad, NM. I was hoping that we could get closer to home before retirement. I appreciate your candid writing and now I just don't know what to do. Thank you
Kay | Amarillo, TX

This is scary! My husband has just committed to a stint in Peducah for at least 2 years (if his company gets the contract). We are both from Ohio (Cincinnati) primarily and I was hoping to move from Amarillo, TX closer to home. I guess you wouldn't advise that and I thank you for your candidness.
Kay | Amarillo, TX
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