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Star Rating - 12/24/2013
i was born and raised in paducah moved to california 1979 i want to move back so bad but i live on fixed income and pay 1,000d in rent so can't save up have to go to food bank in order to eat on top of that my water and gas/electric are getting turned off because i can't pay so stop your moaning that theres nothing to do!!!
vera | Bakersfield, CA
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- 8/8/2014
Stay far away!
Move here six years ago, and was very optimistic. I love meeting new people and adventure....
A | Paducah, KY | 2 Replies

- 8/26/2013
Nice People, Boring Town
I moved here for my husband's job 2 years ago with our 2 small children. I immediately n...
Alison | Paducah, KY | No Replies

- 7/1/2013
Paducah Culture & Attactions
Paducah is a nice friendly place to live great place to rise a family with a low cost of l...
Jeremy | Paducah, KY | No Replies

- 4/1/2013
Medical Facilities
Multiple and the best in the area ...
Steve | Paducah, KY | No Replies

- 4/19/2012
Quilters staying in private homes in Paducah, Kent
It is astonishing how locals that live in Paducah can open up their homes for the "Quilter...
Bp | Calvert City, KY | No Replies

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