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Review of Wichita, Kansas

Wichita is a real S-hole.
Star Rating - 12/21/2016
If you're Conservative and Christian, you're going to love what Wichita has to offer! Churches & fast food is the staple of Wichita.

Wichita is so Conservative that fast food restaurants test market their businesses here before spreading their franchises across the nation.

If you're black and you can't play a professional sport, don't move here. Wichita is segregated into minority neighborhoods and policed the most to keep in those neighborhoods to keep the minorities in check.

If you're Liberal, you are going to hate life here. Most small business are run by the wealthy (Because, lease on a building is more than a lease in a building in Miami, Kansas City, Chicago...) The price of rent is more than you would pay to own a home, yet owning a home here seems inexpensive until you have to pay taxes... My average is over $2000.00 a year on a $1200sqft house. Then there is insurance, and it's not cheap either because Wichita gets nasty hail storms every three to five years damaging cars and roofs of houses... Tornadoes of the F5 category. Toad strangling rainstorms - flash floods. Ice storms that kill electricity for a week or two and opportunists to jam you at every corner.

Oh, howabout this one; Sam Brownback and Kris Kobach... They have made sure that it is nearly impossible for you to register to vote because of Kris Kobach's special voter ID laws... meaning if you are from another state. it is a real hassle to register to vote.... and even if you live here (My mother in her late 70's who has been voting at the same polling station for 50 years, was harassed and not allowed to vote because two forms of photo ID were not enough for her to vote this year).

Let's talk about art and culture!!! They have an art crawl in Wichita. It's cute and it is monopolized by Wichita State University students. This means you see nothing but student grade art work at best. Every business in the downtown area calls their space a gallery, and the people with money who support the arts spend their money in other cities to supply their own private stash of art.
Wichita has a art museum that was started by a wealthy woman way back when dirt was invented. They tout a Mary Cassatt collection, but without it, they don't have much of a museum because the people who run it are wealthy Conservative old biddies who are into Bob Ross and Thomas Kinkade.
Is Wichita classy? Don't be ridiculous. T-shirts hoodies and bluejeans is the style... If you want to dress up and fit in with the business class, you need one of those buzz bowl around the head bi-gay-curious Christian conservative haircuts and a collared shirt.

Don't get sunk here or over your head in debt, because you will become trapped here where no one will hear your screams.

Other than that. Wichita is a great place to live... just make sure you have a car and internet access, and a plan B if everything goes to pot on you. Oklahoma City is your closest place of refuge if that tells you anything.

Fred | Wichita, KS
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I am a current resident and you are 100% right on - completely true, every word!
Brenda | Wichita, KS | Report Abuse

I am a current resident and you are 100% right on - completely true, every word! They are super backwards - I agree. I lived in Denver and areas in CO, WY and South Dakota was even ahead of them. In fact, South Dakota looks sterling compared. 100% right.
Brenda | Wichita, KS | Report Abuse

Christians are stupid, and ignorant, yes indeed. Superstitious and supercilious, and inexplicably believe in ghosts and Sky spooks, I agree. The smart ones, the pastors of these mega-churches are the most vociferous non-believers, laughing at the suckers for forking over/tithing their 10 per cent a year so Pastor Bob can fuel his new Lear Jet...... $2000.00 a year in property taxes though, is Cheap Cheap Cheap.
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV | Report Abuse

Why so political and hateful towards people who aren't like you? Aren't you folks who call yourselves 'liberal' supposed to be against hate and intolerance?
Jeff | Wichita, KS | Report Abuse

If a person is too stupid to figure out how to prove who he/she is with an ID, perhaps they should not be voting. Just saying.
nate | Bethpage, TN | Report Abuse

I've you're too stupid to figure out how to get a voter ID, perhaps you're too stupid to know how/who to vote for. Think about it. With voting rights comes responsability to know the issues.
nate | Bethpage, TN | Report Abuse

This is 100% true wichita is a hick town filled with hillbillys racists born and raised here all my life
alison | Wichita, KS | Report Abuse

Well it's obvious you never been to Wichita Kansas or Oklahoma. Kansas as a state is conservative Wichita the state is not. Oklahoma is more conservative then Kansas but we all run into that one moron who feels the need to lie.. Fyi born and raised here.
Travis | Haysville, KS | Report Abuse

Since it wont let me edit I'll put it here. Wichita the city* I accidentally typed state.
Travis | Haysville, KS | Report Abuse
- 9/10/2018
Some great places in this state with potential.
Contrary to other reviews which seek to politicize the situation in Kansas due to differen...
Jeff | Wichita, KS | No Replies

- 1/30/2018
Live here at your own risk
I've lived in the area nearly my whole life and up until recently, this was a great place ...
N | Wichita, KS | No Replies

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