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If people cared, this could be a decent place
Star Rating - 2/13/2018
This review is more for New Kingman/Butler, but since they're both considered Kingman by the post office and realtors, I'm posting this here. Anyway, some points go for both neighboring areas.

I've lived here over three years, and this is what I've observed. The area is pretty scenic, surrounded by beautiful mountains in all directions, and some home areas are even nice. The utility prices are fair and the internet is fast, but just a bit pricey. The shopping in Kingman is decent, but not what you'll experience in big cities, and the healthcare is alright. Much of the area consists of mobile homes, which are inexpensive and decent homes. But you must take care of them, like anything else. That's the problem. A good percentage of them are SEVERELY run down and/or abandoned. Many of them are rentals. A large percentage of the landlords don't seem to care AT ALL how the area looks, their renters living in complete squalor, which lowers the value of the surrounding properties. The tenants also don't care, some having mountains of trash in their yards.

The crime isn't bad here, but what is, is THE DOGS. There are more dogs than people here, and they are OFTEN running loose in the streets. I've twice seen children attacked by loose dogs, and have been personally charged around ten times by aggressive canines. Recently, a neighbor's dog jumped a fence between properties, and try to chase my 74 year old mother in her own yard. It's unlike anything I've ever seen in all the places I've lived in my life. People don't care AT ALL. It's like they think it's normal to have their raging dogs charge at you. So yeah, the horrible decay of the homes and the loose dogs are a total deal breaker.
Peter | New Kingman-Butler, AZ
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- 4/18/2019
terrible place
i have lived in Kingman too long its a dirty seedy town in the mohave dessert area wind bl...
jeff | Kingman, AZ | 3 Replies

- 9/20/2018
Please Don't Do This, Saving Money Is Not Worth It
My wife and I moved here from the Midwest for 2 reasons. One, because as a critical needs ...
William | New Kingman-Butler, AZ | 1 Reply

- 7/30/2018
Great views, and affordable place to live.
I have lived in Kingman for 2 years and like it. It has enough shopping and events to keep...
Richard | Kingman, AZ | No Replies

- 5/16/2018
Wow where do I start. Cops who kill their police animals and they just buy them a new one ...
billy | Kingman, AZ | No Replies

- 1/29/2018
Cheap Property Tax but that's about it !!!!!!!!!!
We moved to Kingman a while back and we really didn't do our homework, our bad. We read al...
Michael | New Kingman-Butler, AZ | No Replies

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