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Review of Holland, Michigan

If You Ain't Dutch . . .
Star Rating - 9/12/2013
Like anywhere there is the good and dark side to living there. Having lived in the area before, going away for a while, and moving back in 2011 I have seen both.
The dark side is attitude. When I say attitude that means over the top hypocritical and narrow. As the old saying goes "If you ain't Dutch - you ain't much" isn't just a bumper sticker here it is a way of life! It can especially show when doing business or driving. The road rage here includes an obnoxious amount of tailgating combined with lights being high beamed flashing because they have judged you as too slow. It is very unnecessary and rude. As for diversity of cultures is not recognized - it is barely tolerated. Each group keeps to themselves as it stands currently.
The good side is that it is fairly safe still. Smaller towns nearby rarely lock doors even it is so secure and peaceful. There are also plenty of festivals, farmers markets(& roadside stands), and family things around west Michigan to go an enjoy. And then Grand Rapids has a lot on it's own about 30 minutes away.
Alan | Holland, MI
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