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Star Rating - 12/3/2019
I've lived in Knoxville for over 7 years now and it's grown on me. I don't particularly like Knoxville, but it's where my family lives for now. I think that it has some good things going for it (businesses do well here, growing area, pretty surrounding areas- Smoky Mtns, etc.) but still lacks a LOT of the things that a city of 200,000 people should have.

Things I can't stand about Knoxville- Weather. The weather absolutely blows. It rarely snows, even when the rest of East Tennessee gets snow,, Knoxville is in a bowl and doesn't get much, if any, snow.
Drivers. I've lived in a LOT of places. At least 8 states, five countries on three continents. Id rather drive around ANYONE from these other places than Knoxville drivers. It's absolutely terrible.
City Planning- or the lack thereof. d Knoxville, until maybe the 90s or so was a rural town, with farming being a huge part of life. Whenever (not sure which decade?) Knoxville decided to modernize it's city life and do an urban renovation or expansion, they did ZERO planning. The roads are terrible and there is very little of the grid system (yes it works on hills, too), there are NO turning lanes in most of the city, roads are about 20 years behind for the amount of traffic that are on them and they DIDN'T plan or leave room for any expansion measures for when this happened.

The people are really nice and would literally give you the shirt off their back or food off of their tables. They're what makes Knoxville a livable place.
Matthew | Corryton, TN
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