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Horrible town
Star Rating - 3/29/2019
I have lived here almost 7 years now and have hated every minute of it. So let's start with the weather. It starts to get cold by the end of October and will not warm up again until sometime in April. Being from Florida that just doesn't work for me. Then lets talk about tax. They love to tax here. You will pay City, County and state income tax on your paycheck and that would be great if Indiana didn't have the worst roads in America. I have never seen so many holes in roads in my life including the interstate. They are constantly out there with miles and miles of road construction signs up but you cant ever tell that they did anything. Let's move on to politics, if you are not conservative then this is definitely not the place for you. This is Republican territory for sure. Most definitely a waste of your time to vote if you aren't voting Republican here. Trust me I have voted every election here for 7 years now. Some will probably try to argue that there is diversity here in this state but there really isn't any. Very narrow minded people living in this state for sure. No rights or protections here for the LBGTQ community which is shameful. There are few places in this state that are really beautiful. The areas down near Bloomington and Nashville area are pretty nice. Lake Monroe is beautiful. Indiana is definitely not going to win an culinary awards here. The food and restaurants are pretty bad with a few exceptions. Now for things that Indiana has going for them is housing is some of the most affordable that I have seen. You can own a home here reasonably. There are several communities in the area that have some great school districts if you have school aged children. The Indianapolis Zoo is pretty good. The River Walk (canal) downtown is nice to get out and walk around during the few months a year we have nice enough weather to do so. I am sure there are worse places to live but Indiana sure ranks high on the list of places not to live.
John | Westfield, IN
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You say you have hated every minute of it, that's interesting. Feel free to leave and find something that is better suited for you. Don't let the city limits or state borders hit you in the backside when leaving ... happy trails to you when you go.
D | Lafayette, IN
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