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Orlando used to be great in the 90s
Star Rating - 7/11/2017
Not anymore! TRASH immigrants have overrun this city. There is no customer service, absolutely zero. So much for southern hospitality huh? The new residents don't respect this place at all. There's garbage alongside the roads, city water tastes nasty, and everything is overpriced. I'd be hard pressed to let my family stay anywhere outside of Disney. What a shame, not the Orlando that once was.
Boyce | Villas, FL
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Excuse me, but what are "trash" immigrants?....Virtually ALL of us descend from immigrants (unless you're native American), so please define why THESE immigrants are 'trash"...What don't you like?...Their color?, their 'accents'?...What is it? Seriously...If you're not specific, it just sounds like you're talking in Racial Code.
Arlene | Wauconda, IL | Report Abuse
- 5/11/2023
Works for me! (-:
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A good place to live
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Orlando is a great place to live and work
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- 7/20/2021
Don't bother
This place is horrible. Traffic is hell, cost of living is insane and there are no "seaso...
Jeff | Winter Park, FL | 1 Reply