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Bowie is a wasteland
Star Rating - 1/4/2015
I grew up in Bowie in the 1980s. At the time, despite being in PG County which was nicknamed DC's ugly city because its demographics and crime were similar to the Nation's Capital, Bowie, being mostly middle to upper class, white, and considered at the time a "far" suburb, was vastly different from today's Bowie. Today Bowie is no different from most other PG County communities. It now has gangs, crime, and the high school is rated C-, which makes property values way lower than what they should be for the area. This will further cause a downward spiral for Bowie. Perhaps for inner city minorities Bowie is a haven but for those of us who lived there during its more glory days, it's a wasteland. Remember, Ferguson, Mo was once an upscale community too.
Mario | Chicago, IL
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So... I grew up in DC and remember the mass exodus to places like Laurel, Upper Marlboro and Bowie. In fact, I thought Bowie was just farmland and that black people moving from DC is what made it a community. In other words, I thought Bowie was predominantly black. And I agree with you that it's not the glorious place it's held to be in many folks estimation. The problem is, a handful of minority families that make enough to live out there will move out there and then white people get scared and move and the property values of down and then more minorities can afford to move there. So it's a mess of the original population's making, frankly. But anyway, this summer, my kids are swimming and we've had to go to two country club type pools in Bowie, Whitehall and Belair and I assumed both would be black, but much to my surprise, they are predominantly white and in cute little established neighborhoods of white people. I was shocked because I really had thought Bowie was a black town. It's so nice out there! Rural and quiet, good community feel, nice people. The membership at Whitehall pool was incredibly nice and many are 2nd or 3rd generation Bowie residents. I wouldn't trade living in DC, but hang on to your beautiful community. Don't abandon it because populations that don't look like you are now out there.
Allyson | Washington, DC
- 11/6/2015
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