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Ocean Springs
Star Rating - 7/27/2015
Ocean Springs, like any where else in the United States is not perfect. It has the charm of a small town yet is close to New Orleans and Mobile if one is interested in serious theatre or opera. Although I am not a gambler, the casinos on the gulf coast draw national entertainment at affordable prices. Insurance can run high, but taxes are reasonable and many areas of the country like the northeast have very high taxes. It is difficult to find a house in downtown Ocean Springs but a person can still enjoy the life of downtown with cute coffee shops, funky breakfast places, etc. And the beaches are yours to enjoy. One of the charms of the Gulf Coast is the 26 miles of beach, open, free for everyone to enjoy. Very few large beach front properties to obstruct your view or your enjoyment. Ocean Springs is a small city that cares, and this caring aspect of the town is one of the reasons I think the quality of life is high. Neighbors help neighbors and strangers. The town has an open trusting nature that reflects value and consideration for everyone. I have lived here since before Hurricane Katrina, and like any disaster, it brought out the best and worst in people, but I can say that most of it was the best. I am proud to call Ocean Springs my home.
Emily | Ocean Springs, MS
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A few facts here. You will need a pest control guy treat your house and your yard for fleas year round plus roaches. If you have a dog you need to treat him for fleas year round. If a hurricane enters the gulf of mexico you need stock up on bottled water and food you dont have to cook plus tracking the storm. Be carefull where you buy as this affects how much you are going to pay for home insurance. A person would be better off buying away from the water like van cleave or lucedale. You will have to buy flood insurance seperate from wind and fire insurance.
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- 7/8/2021
Any one buying a house in ocean springs should hire a licensed home inspector to make su...
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Cost of home insurance, bars, etc. in OCEAN SP
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23 years too many
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