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The Worst LIttle Pit
Star Rating - 9/16/2009
I regret having moved to Mountain Home more than any other thing I have done in my entire life. The people here, the tourists who came here and then never left, are the rudest people I have ever met. They are snobs, religious zealouts, racists and don't know how to interact with anyone who is not a white racist. I have been mistreated by these people from the moment I set foot on the soil. And because part of what they do here is oppress people who are not white and racist, people who move here find it hard to escape, because they find it impossible to find a job. As for the cost of living, it has gone up and up and up, to the point where I can't even afford to feed my kids. I don't know who put the "facts" on here, but the cost of living is horrible. My husband is from here originally, and it was a nice place a long time ago, but these northern invaders have completely ruined it. They moved here because they are racists, to get away from anyone different from themselves and brought their narrow-minded culture of hatred with them. They have destroyed this place.
Bp | Mountain Home, AR
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the worst little Pit is probably true. the only people who like these northeners is northeners and the northerners who OWN real estate companys. the like to spew about being tucked away in the lovely little place . not a lovely little place, no doctors no stores and no fun. Taxes are getting higher and things are less than pleasant in this tourist trap.
George | Paducah, KY

While you make some valid points about the lack of diversity and its unfortunate effects on some of the smaller-minded citizens of Mountain Home, calling everyone in that darling little town a bigoted, snobby, religious zealot is a sweeping generalization that I don't believe the city has earned nor does it deserve. I, too, grew up in Mtn. Home and, while I spent most of my teenage years frustrated by what I perceived as the same "terrible" conditions you describe, I realized as I got older that most people are just products of their environments and how they were parented. Mtn. Home doesn't have a monopoly on predjudice; one can find ignorance and bias in all their shapes and forms anywhere, from a small town like Mtn. Home to a huge city like Los Angeles, where I currently reside. Dumping your frustrations with your financial situation on the (mostly) good people of Baxter County is an unfair judgement in and of itself. If you're unhappy, you need to make some changes, rather than blame your surroundings for your troubles. Like I said, I'm from Mtn. Home originally and spent 19 years living and working there, and I find your criticisms unfair, baseless, and flat-out rude.
Melissa | Los Angeles, CA
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