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The land of milk and honey
Star Rating - 8/28/2018
I just moved up here from the bay area and I cannot believe the differences in many ways: The first is the air quality - we can breathe! My son has severe asthma and there is a significant difference up here. The prices of homes are also significantly less expensive. There are great restaurants, shopping, and great schools. We are close to Tahoe and when you must go to the bay area, it is doable. So glad I moved here. To me, this is the land of milk and honey.
Patricia | El Dorado Hills, CA
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It's what you don't see that kills you... If you actually take 2 minutes to do a little research you will find that El Dorado county has the 5th worst air in the nation, yes nation, that means worse than Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, etc.. We have a 22% asthma rate in children which is absolutely horrible. We also have higher rates of stroke and heart attacks due to our wonderful air we breathe. This is both new, it has been like this for over 20 years, now add fires and it gets even worse.
Seth | Diamond Springs, CA | Report Abuse
- 9/9/2015
High School Drugs
El Dorado Hills is a nice place to live and there are a lot of Neo-Rich folks here if you ...
John | El Dorado Hills, CA | 3 Replies

- 10/3/2012
Outstanding Public Schools
El Dorado Hills has outstanding public schools. Definitely a great reason to live in this...
Abhd | El Dorado Hills, CA | No Replies

- 11/21/2010
four seasons
nothing too extreme, but good diversity of climate for California...
Karl | El Dorado Hills, CA | 1 Reply

- 11/29/2009
A Big Valley view from the Sierra foothills
El Dorado Hills is a thriving family oriented community nestled in the Sierra foothills 25...
Tony V | El Dorado Hills, CA | No Replies

- 2/16/2008
Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
Great place, but a working man needs help from his spouse to pay the bills. They are taxin...
Jeff | El Dorado Hills, CA | No Replies

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