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Pensacola NOT a good place for decent people
Star Rating - 2/5/2021
This is a truthful and raw review of the REAL Pensacola, not the fluffed up junk others will tell you on here.

First of all I no longer live in Pensacola , so I can review it without pretending it’s a great place.
I lived there for 12 years and have seen it go down the toilet rapidly. There are 2 things that contribute to this decline heavily. The drug addict garbage that inhabit Pensacola and the lowlifes who deal the drugs to them. Of course there are othger factors but these are the 2 main ones.

It used to be great but that was in the past. Now its basically full of drug addicted losers, tatted up trailer trash people, no income or low income housing everywhere you look, trash on the side of the road etc.

Essentially people in Pensacola have ZERO pride in how they take care of themselves so how could you expect them to take pride in the city. Most people are junkies with tattoos or thug wannabes who act ignorant and annoying.
People don’t know how to drive, I would blame this on the constant drugged out state of mind the people that live in Pensacola are in, whether prescription drug or street drug. They always appear to be on some kind of mind altering substances. This is why car accidents are common and police don’t really care to respond to them much.

There are a lot of people in Pensacola that live with their parents well into their 30’s. People of Pensacola really have no pride in anything they do. It’s that simple.

If you drive a nice vehicle, live decent, have morals, dress nice, don’t have tattoos, don’t drink or do drugs then you will not be well liked in Pensacola. Doesn’t really matter what part of town you are in , you will encounter meth heads and other garbage. They literally will be walking in the street at night (right in the middle of the street in traffic) this is not a rare occurrence. They are so doped up out of their minds. I was by Cordova Mall and saw a bum running across the street with no pants in broad daylight.

The thing is people go running around feeling sorry for these drug addicted trash when they inflict the damage on themselves by putting poison into their bodies. I guess people like to have someone to feel sorry for.

If you have kids this is Definitely NOT a place you want to raise them. That’s just the truth. Even as an adult if you are employed and have an actual career this is not a place for you.

I moved elsewhere and happy to say I don’t have to see dirty drug addicted garbage and tattooed losers everywhere I go.

So if you are thinking about moving there do yourself a favor and find somewhere else. If you live there and like it you will likely get mad at this review because it says the truth and chances are if you live there you are either a drug addict or have one in your family so the review offended you. But to all decent people….don’t move there.

Jason | Medina, WA
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